Geometry will be a brand new experience for most students as they have not yet been challenged to think in the abstract and applicable type of math that Geometry is! Student's should expect to open their minds to finding solutions to all levels of problems.  Working backwards will help students learn to find errors but will also help to master concepts.  Students should expect approx 30 minutes of homework each night.

In second quarter we will be learning:

Ch 5 - Relationships within Triangles

Midsegments of Triangles, Perpendicular & Angle Bisectors, Bisectors in Triangles, Medians & Altitudes, Inequalities in One Triangle, Inequalities in Two Triangles

2 weeks

Ch 6 - Polygons & Quadrilaterals

The Polygon Angle-Sum Theorems, Properties of & Conditions for Parallelograms, Rhombuses, Rectangles & Squares, Proving that a Quadrilateral is a Parallelogram, Trapezoids & Kites, Polygons in the Coordinate Plane

3 weeks

Ch 7 - Similiarity

Ratios & Proportions, Similar Polygons, Similarity in Right Triangles, Proportions in Triangles

2 weeks

It will be EXTREMELY important for students to be prepared every day for class. This includes having a pencil, paper, taking notes, calculators, text books, etc.  Students should expect to have a new concept for practice each day, therefore approx 20-30 mintues of homework.  Don't wait until the last minute! Prepare everyday for the next and review constantly.  Come in for help BEFORE you get overwhelmed! 

Opt Out: Student's must have an 85% and complete all final review materials at an 80% or higher.

**Note to parents and students: The final for the fall semester is a CUMULATIVE FINAL.  Students should be constantly reviewing all first and second quarter material as they learn new material throughout the first semester of school.**

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