Amanda Sauer


Welcome! I'm Señora Sauer, and this is my 4th year at SHHS. I teach Spanish I, II, and III, and I love teaching each level for different reasons. 

I grew up in Nebraska and moved to Kansas with my husband in 2015 (but Omaha will always be home to me). I have three Australian Shepherds, Rio, Koda, and Tucker. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, running, kayaking, reading, painting, and photography.

Please use this site for general information about the Spanish program and courses at Spring Hill High School. Refer to Skyward for all grades and assignments.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Amanda Sauer


Language Learning
At SHHS, we believe in creating as authentic of a learning environment as possible for students while learning Spanish. This mostly means using Spanish to teach and communicate with students most of the time. As a student in the SHHS Spanish program, learners will experience a high volume of comprehensible input from teachers at all levels - the teachers speak in Spanish as much as possible, but in a way that allows students to understand and learn at the appropriate level.
Learning a second language is a process, and students' commitment to learning and practicing the language plays a huge role in their success as a student in the program. We are excited about the outcome of our Spanish students who go through our program and have excellent conversation and comprehension skills.

Student Travel Opportunities
Every two years (odd), we take a group of students on a summer trip to a Spanish-speaking country to be immersed in the language and culture that they have been practicing in the classroom. In 2017, 22 students traveled to Costa Rica, and this summer, 13 students will be going to Spain.

Español I
 - This is a one-year course designed as an introduction to the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Students should attain a novice-low or novice-mid, proficiency level in the four communication skills of understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. An awareness of Hispanic culture will be included through the study of geography, food, lodging, clothing, entertainment, art, music, history, values and the beliefs of Spanish-speaking people. Expectations include class work as well as extensive work at home.

Español II - This is a one- year course designed to expand the four communication skills of understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish that the student learned in Spanish I. The student will attain a novice-high level of proficiency in these skills. A review and expansion of the student’s knowledge of Hispanic culture will be included.

Español III - This is a one-year course designed to further expand the four communication skills that the student learned in Spanish I and II, especially the skill of speaking. The student should attain a novice-high to intermediate-low proficiency level. This course is excellent for the student who plans to take Spanish in college.

SHHS also offers Español IV and two semester-long electives: Spanish Conversation and Careers or Spanish History and Literature.