Digital Books

Axis 360 eBooks and Audio Books

eBooks available via the Magic Wall
   On Your MacBook:

  1. Go to our Axis360  site.
2. Follow instructions below.

Axis 360 App
On your Cell Phone or Tablet:
1. Get the Axis 360 app from Google Play or the App Store.
2. Open the app and search for Spring Hill. Choose SHHS.
3. Follow instructions below.

Instructions for Getting Started: 

The first time you log in on any your MacBook, phone or tablet:

1. Enter your Library ID: uppercase SH, followed by your student ID number. Ex: SH117123

2. For your PIN, enter a 4 digit number of your choice.
3. Enter some basic information to create an account. 

Having Problems?
Go to the Axis 360 help page.

eBook requests? 
If we don't have the ebook you are looking for, click here to request that we add it to our collection.