Chorale is a mixture of Beginning Chorus and Concert Choir this year!

Chorale Students Speak Out

 "You can listen to music whenever you want and feel different things.  Choir is my escape!  In choir, we don't judge - we are family!. " --- Emmery Brewer

 "Music connects the past to the present:  Connecting people from around the world, healing wounds of the mind, and making the world a better place!" --- Aubrey Brown

"I love how you can express yourself through singing.  Singing can show your emotions, when it is difficult to show them by speaking.  Music helps me forget about everything!" --- Tressa Garland 

Choir is a place where you can always find people who will  support you and cheer you on, no matter what!" --- McKenna Daugherty

Music is the one thing that allows us all to be able to be ourselves!" --- Cadence Baehr

Music is the best way to express yourself and what you feel inside!” --- Sydney Kopecky