Bronco Pride T shirts

Dear Spring Hill Community Business Owner,


We are writing on behalf of the Spring Hill High School Student Council. Nine years ago, Bronco StuCo began a tradition of giving every student in the school a new Bronco Pride t-shirt free of cost at the beginning of each academic year. This is a successful tradition that our students value, and it helps create unified school spirit at Spring Hill High School.

In order to continue this tradition, we invite you to donate to the Bronco Pride t-shirt project. Your donation helps offset the cost of our growing student body (we need over 950 t-shirts for the 2018-2019 school year).
While donations of any amount are welcome and accepted, for a donation of $300.00 sponsors will have their name/logo printed on the back of our shirts. This equates to yearlong advertising at sporting events and around town worn by over 8950 individuals.

We ask that you help us continue this project that builds so much pride and school spirit. We are hoping to continue to create a sea of purple and gold at athletic events, activities and around the community, creating a positive school spirit and environment in the meantime.

Again, donations of any amount are accepted, but we encourage donations of $300.00 or more in order to secure your company logo or name on the back of our shirts.

If you would consider giving us a donation for this awesome Bronco tradition, please call our advisor, Katie George at 913-579-3084, or the school at 913-592-7299. Thanks again for your support!



Bella Price           Sam Pollom

StuCo President                    StuCo Vice-President

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