Congratulations! Your peers/advisors have elected you to represent them on the Student Council. This a great honor that comes with some BIG responsibilities. We hope that Student Council will be a great experience for you and will help you develop the skills to be an effective leader in the future. Here are a few things to consider throughout the year.

Student Council Goals

¨ To be the student governmental body of Spring Hill HS

¨ To act as a liaison between the student body and teachers/administrators

¨ To provide orderly direction of school activities

¨ To promote the welfare of the school

¨ To provide lots of exciting activities/treats for the hardworking staff and students

¨ To gain leadership skills that will aid in being a leader of the future

¨ To develop new friendships and strengthen old ones

¨ To have fun and make lots of new memories

Student Council Expectations

¨ Treat everyone in the group (yourself, your fellow STUCO members, your advisor with respect and dignity.

-You will have to work with other group members. Please be respectful and tolerant when doing so. Please respect each others ideas and give everyone a chance to participate.

¨ Follow the rules of the constitution and fulfill the obligations of your office.

-You are expected to read the constitution and refer to often. You will be responsible for carrying out the tasks of your position throughout the year.

¨ Attend all meetings and arrive on time. There will be meetings approximately every 2 weeks. You will receive a schedule of these meetings in the beginning of the year and will be expected to attend ALL of them. If you MUST be absent, tell us AHEAD of time and make sure to obtain minutes of the meeting you missed. Please be on time—we all have other things to accomplish. If you have 2 unexcused absences you will no longer be a member of StuCo.

¨ Be an active member of the organization. We understand that you many commitments outside of Student Council . However, you will be expected to devote a portion of your time to StuCo and attend as many events as you can. Remember the Cap’n Crunch rule!

¨ Put time and effort into all activities. Bring necessary materials to meetings including a pen or pencil, notebook and a good attitude. Please bring your folders with calendars to all meetings so we can stay organized and effective. The student body, teachers, administrators and staff are counting on you to provide them with a great experience, so please put all of your effort into planning StuCo events.

¨ Follow all StuCo, school and board of education policies. Represent StuCo in a positive manner.All handbook and other school rules will be enforced. You will play a major role in the school this year and we expect that you will represent yourself in a POSITIVE manner. This includes in classes, at other school functions, and even outside of school.

¨ Consult with sponsors/principal before making any major decisions. We trust that you will make good decisions in all situations, however, we need to be consulted before you decide to change the world. There may be things that you have not yet considered and we want to make sure we are all on the same page.

¨ Ask questions when you have concerns about anything at all. This is YOUR student council. We are only your tour guides. Please speak up when you have an idea or concern.!

- StuCo members must be enrolled in 5 classes per KSHSAA rules.