SHHS Fundraiser Requests
If your SHHS group would like to do a fundraiser, please fill out this google form.The StuCo officers will check the calendar to make sure your request dates are clear. We keep all fundraisers on a google calendar, so please let Katie George know if you you would like the calendar shared with you! We will post our progress on approving fundraisers here. We want to make sure that similar items are not sold to the same groups of people at the same time, as this hurts the sales for both groups. It is first come, first serve, so please make sure to submit your request plenty of days in advance! Door to door sales are only allowed for two weeks. Also, if you have any new ideas, please check with Mr. Miller first. StuCo just manages the calendar. Mr. Miller has final say on which fundraisers are acceptable. Finally, state law limits sales of food (that doesn't meet the HHFKA nutritional requirements) during school hours to 1 per group for 2 days per semester. Mrs. Dalton can answer specific questions about this requirement.