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The fastest and easiest way for you to order your 2022 Bronco yearbook, and to get an immediate, digital receipt, is to visit the publisher's site to order. This is also the only way to personalize your yearbook. Paper forms (one per family) can also be printed and sent to SHHS care of Mrs. Anna Manning, publications adviser.

Yearbooks are $50 from July 22-Dec. 31. After Jan 1, the prices goes up to $60 until sales close Jan. 31 unless a family receives free/reduced lunches (which must be paid as cash or a check - not online).

2002 Bronco Yearbook Confirmed Sales List
(as of Jan. 31 at noon)

2022 Bronco Yearbook Online Ordering:

2022 Bronco Yearbook Paper Order Form
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Class of 2022 Senior Ad Order Form - Orders & Materials due Dec. 1

Class of 2022 Senior Picture Submission Form - Due Dec. 1
This is for use in the senior portrait section of the yearbook. It is free to submit a photo for the portrait section. These photos do NOT have to be professionally taken so long as the digital quality is good.

Check for regular articles and photos.

Seniors - submit your senior quote here, your accomplishments survey here, and your senior picture here.

Questions or concerns? Email [email protected] to reach the students behind SPUB.