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Welcome to my class page! I am the primary teacher for History through Film 1, 2, Introduction to History Thru Film, and Psychology at SHHS. I’ve been teaching these courses for many years and continue to learn a lot about each topic every year. My main goal while teaching all of my classes is to help my students apply what they learn to real-life situations in and out of the classroom. Here’s a brief description of what we do in my classroom.

Psychology: This courses combine elements of the social and natural sciences. We examine the self in psychology, which enable my students to examine their behavior and mental processes. We'll be visiting the Glore museum in St. Joseph, MO and also hear from some interesting special guest speakers in class. 

History Thru Film courses: This incorporates film into the study of American and World History. What does that mean??? Well for example, to study the Great Depression, we look at films including the gangster and prohibition era drama The Public Enemy, and during World War II we watch Casablanca to see how this propaganda film helped shape the attitudes of Americans during the war. In other words when we study an era in American History, we look at films made during that period of time and see how the theme of the film reflects what was really happening at that time in history. I'm also hoping my students learn a new appreciation for classic films. We also explore themes, symbolism, and motifs commonly used by filmmakers to express their ideas.

Intro to History Thru Film is a freshman / sophomore level class that explores how to analyze film themes, motifs, symbolism as well as history related topics such as how Star Wars incorporates mythology and history into its story.  We also look at history related films from various eras.

In my classroom, my students have the opportunity to explore their own interests, ideas, and beliefs in just about every class I teach. I hope to challenge their ideas and provide them with unique opportunities to explore new territory in learning.

Curtis Allen
Psychology & History Thru Film Teacher
LINKS Coordinator
913-592-7360 Twitter: @HistoryThruFilm

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