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Gissel McDonald  

Welcome to AP Chemistry!

When I meet people and share with them that I teach high school chemistry, I inevitably hear about the horrible experiences they had in their own high school chemistry class.  It is my desire to provide students with a positive experience in Chemistry so they can appreciate and learn to love it as I do!  Chemistry does not have to be as hard as everyone thinks.  I have a passion for it and how it applies to our “real” world!  A good understanding of Chemistry will greatly increase your chances for success in a science-based field at the college level.

AP Chemistry is not for the faint in heart. We will work hard really digging deep in the concepts of classical chemistry.  Students will be working through lecture, demonstrations, and laboratory experiments.  Students are preparing for the AP Chemistry Exam in May in the hopes of earning college chemistry credit.

You can contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.