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This is my second year teaching at SHHS! I'm very excited to be back. I'm currently teaching Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2, Physics, and Robotics.

Chemistry is the study of matter - its structure, properties, and composition. Chemistry is found all around us - from the ingredients in the toothpaste we use everyday, to the fuel that powers rocket launches. You will learn about the scientific approach to the subject matter in this course through actual hands-on laboratory experience.
Students will learn about the chemistry through readings, lectures, homework, demonstrations, laboratories, and more! It's bound to be an exciting year.

Physics is the branch of science that describes motion, electricity, sound, light, and many other topics. This year students will learn about the basics of physics in many different applications including (but not limited to) the ones listed below. Students can expect to apply content to laboratory procedures and safety, scientific thinking and reasoning, problem solving, hands-on application, and research based/application projects. This course will take an algebraic and conceptual approach to explaining the fundamentals of classical physics. The concepts will then be extended and applied to numerous word problems of varying complexity.

Robotics is a year long high school level course that is designed for 10th-12th grade students who are interested in the design, engineering, and programming of robots or another technical career. This course is designed to explore the past, current, and future uses of automation technology in industry and everyday use. Robotics is a lab-based course that uses a hands-on approach to introduce basic concepts of robots. Students will be working in groups to build and test increasingly complicated mobile robots to meet complex challenges.

1st Quarter-
Chem 1: Introduction to chemistry, the scientific method, units of measurements, quantitative analysis, and atoms!

Chem 2: Chem 1 refresher, elements and the periodic table, and stoichiometry!

Physics: Motions in 1 and 2 dimensions!

Robotics: Introduction to Robots, Tetrix system, and the first class challenge.

​2nd Quarter-
Chem 1: Electrons and their role in the atom, the periodic table, ionic and molecular compounds!

Chem 2: Aqueous reactions, chemical bonding and structure, and thermochemistry!


​3rd Quarter-
Chem 1: Moles, types of chemical reactions, stoichiometry and gases!

Chem 2: Gases, liquids and intermolecular forces, and kinetics!

If you have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to contact me:

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