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Heath Ostmeyer

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Math Teacher and Track Coach

Courses: Algebra I, College Prep Math, Practical Math, and Consumer Math

My hope is the students in my courses will gain confidence in their math skills and they will grow in their problem-solving skills.  I believe math classes are great places for students to practice thinking through problems and to realize you need to be willing to try a problem even if you are not guaranteed to come up with the answer in the end.  Math classes are also great places to practice organizing your thoughts on paper and justifying logic behind those thoughts.

In my classroom, I believe there are three steps to being successful: be prepared, be respectful, and be your best. I expect all students to follow these steps to allow for a better learning environment.

The syllabus outlines the classroom expectations, the components of the course grade (homework, test/quizzes, and projects), and how to be successful in class. Overall, communication is going to be essential between the student, teacher, and parents/guardians.

I have a Google Classroom for each class I teach.  It is the best resource for students to access schedules, notes, assignments, etc.  I try to update Skyward regularly.  Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns. 

Mr. Heath Ostmeyer
Room 168