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Brad Reinking

Art Instructor - Ceramics I-VI - A/V Fundamentals - Video Production - Graphic Design I & II

Teaching art requires a lot of balance. It requires a unique combination of directing, watching, listening, coaching, guiding, and waiting. Finding the balance among these modes can be very challenging. If you have noticed, I teach a lot of different classes. There are 5 preps total, but actually 10 different classes going on this first semester. Please keep this in mind if you have any concerns.

In my classroom, I work to help steer my students toward an understanding of what great art is and what it takes to make good art. My students are expected to keep busy; the best way to grow in art is to keep your hands and mind concentrated on the task that is assigned.

Creating art is a learned skill that can be acquired through observational study, and hours of practice. Although natural talent and ability is helpful, anyone with the right attitude can learn how to draw, paint and sculpt. My goal as a teacher is for every student to leave my class with the basic art-making skills and an appreciation for the subject.  Upper level students will use their skills to creatively express themselves.

I'm guessing you might have a son or daughter in my class since you are visiting my site. Thanks for taking an interest in your son or daughter's education. Just for visiting, shoot me an email and I will award your student 10 extra credit points just for your time on my site. Just mention that you would like to take advantage of my extra credit from the website!

Audio/Video Fundamentals, Video Production, Ceramics I-V and Graphic Design I & II Instructor

Head Girls Track Coach


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