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Paul Young

What is happening in room 164?
This will not be your traditional stand and deliver social studies classroom of the past. You might find yourself out in the hallway being actively involved or maybe in the parking lot recreating historical maps with sidewalk chalk, scavenger hunts, one to one technology projects, watching recordings of the class on the Internet, poster presentations, signaling the answers rather than writing them to make sure ALL are involved. These are just a few of the diversified approaches to teaching that will be administered. You will have to try very hard NOT to learn in this atmosphere. 

History! The last five letters tell all. The stories of the past will come to life as the “ground runs red with Spartan blood” at Thermopylae. We will stand with Caesar as he contemplates treason on the banks of the Rubicon. The Minotaur will come to life as we tiptoe through the Labyrinth with Theseus. Hannibal will shout orders as he achieves the impossible by taking elephants across the Alps. Tears will need to be stifled as Emmitt Till is beaten to death and young girls jump from the ninth floor of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory to keep from being burned alive. The Bubonic Plague, Oedipus and the Sphinx, William conquering England, the Middle Passage, and Henry encouraging navigation… These images and many others will be painted in the minds of the students as they embark on another chapter in their lives as learners at SHHS.

American History:
The Juniors will be starting the year with a debate over whether or not America should join the imperialist race among the most powerful countries on the world stage. Will we "fly our flag over as much land as possible" or adhere to the cries of the isolationist school of thought? The Spanish, and the rest of the world, will learn quickly the answer to that question as they witness America's industrial, political and military might. The students will learn how the emergence of the United States on the world scene, at the turn of the 20th century, will forever change the face of world history.

World History: The sophomores will begin their year with a brief look back at the traits that created the world's first great civilizations and compare those traits to today. Then their attention will be directed towards that one word that will become one of the most defended words in history at great expense physically and monetarily, democracy. Born in Greece, it is of vital importance that high school students be exposed, one more time, to the foundation of their existence and understand why we are willing to sacrifice even our own lives to protect this ideal. Not to be left out, the power of the word "republic" will be added to the arsenal of the freedom seeking minds of the future generations. The power of the Roman Republic will become that standard that the world seeks to emulate, but none more so than the United States.

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