research model

Following a research model helps you "think about your thinking," a process called metacognition. Planning and thinking about your approach to research will enable you to become a more effective learner. 

Take Notes With These Tools

Access Books and Databases

  • Reliable Web Sites
    • If you are using a search engine, like Google, to search the Internet, YOU must determine if the information is reliable. How? By evaluating your sources. Use this rubric to help you determine if a website is an appropriate source for your research.
    • Website Evaluation Rubric

Express Your Ideas

Put your information together into a final product.
Write a paper - This site about 6 Trait Writing can help you break down the writing process and make it easier to understand.
Create a podcast - Use Quick Time's audio recording feature on your MacBook.
Create a video
 - You can employ Photo Booth or Quick Time to tell your story. iMovie can be used for editing.   Create a presentation - You have many options for creating a presentation. Power Point and Keynote are available on your MacBook. Google Slides and Prezi are two of many online options.

Format Your Paper

mla paper formatting  
works cited list 
    mla in text citations
 MLA Paper Formatting      MLA Works Cited Formatting    MLA In Text Citations