Bronco Hour

What is Bronco Hour?Bronco Hour

Bronco Hour is an academic support and extension time during the school day to allow students to seek the assistance that they may need. Students have autonomy to choose how they spend their time.


What is the purpose of Bronco Hour?

1.       Bronco Hour provides a time for academic support every day.

2.       It creates a social opportunity for students and staff to decompress and connect.

3.       It gives the students an opportunity to develop soft skills revolving around time management and responsibility.


When is Bronco Hour?

Bronco Hour is one hour in the middle of the day made up of two 30-minute blocks. Teachers have a 30-minute lunch and 30-minute office hours.

Bronco Hour begins first semester on September 3 and again for second semester on January 13.  See the flyer below for a complete list of all bell schedules.

2019-2020 Schedules Flyer.pdf


How will my student use that hour?

Initially students will have the freedom to choose how they use their time. Students will be required to remain on campus but may choose when to eat their lunch and where to eat their lunch. Students will also have the opportunity for some of the following:

Get Academic Support – Each teacher will have office hours. Students are expected to check with their online calendar for assigned academic support. Students with a D or F in a class will be assigned to meet with a teacher.

Collaborate and Connect – Clubs and activities may hold meetings during this time. Students can also find areas to meet for group projects or to meet with fellow students.

It is important we support the students’ responsible use of their time. The only way to develop that skill during a structured day is to provide them with the freedom to make decisions about how best to manage their time. Therefore, staff cannot mandate student time with only the exceptions of mandates for D and F grades, makeup work, or inappropriate behavior.


When will students eat?

Students can choose when they eat and are encouraged to take a 30-minute lunch at some point. Students are reminded to check their calendars so that they can plan accordingly.


Can parents bring in food from a restaurant for their students?

No. Students are expected to purchase a lunch or bring a lunch from home. Several microwaves are available for students to heat up food from home.


Where can students eat?

Students can eat in the commons, the concourse and the hallways. Signs on classroom doors will also indicate if food is allowed inside. No food will be allowed in the library, gym, weight room, bathrooms or fine art classrooms. Extra trash cans will be placed in hallways during Bronco Hour. Students are expected to clean up after themselves. If trash starts to become a problem, the privilege of Bronco Hour will be revoked.

Three food serving areas will be available for students. The main kitchen serving area will continue to provide hot meals and a salad bar as well as various healthy snacks and beverages. There will also be two mobile serving carts in other areas throughout the school where students may purchase healthy grab-and-go options.


When will teachers eat?

Each teacher will have an assigned lunch period. Teachers will have their weekly schedules posted outside their classrooms. Care will be taken to ensure that all teachers within a single department do not have the same lunch period so that students are always able to seek help from a teacher in that department.


Where can students go when they are not eating?

Students can work in classrooms with their teachers or in the hallways. The library will be a quiet space for use on a first-come, first-served basis.


Where are students not allowed to go during Bronco Hour?

Students are not allowed to leave the building. Students are also prohibited from visiting the locker rooms, weight room or gyms.


What happens if a student has a D or F grade in a class?

The teacher will assign the student to an intervention time to promote student success. Students who fail to attend assigned meetings will be assigned to mandatory study hall during Bronco Hour.


What are the consequences for students who fail to use Bronco Hour appropriately?

If a student uses Bronco Hour inappropriately (fails to report to assigned teacher, creates a disruption to others, leaves campus, leaves trash behind, etc.) he or she will be assigned to a mandatory study hall during Bronco Hour for five (5) days. The privilege of Bronco Hour may be suspended indefinitely if there are repeated incidents. The student will then eat his or her lunch in mandatory study hall and complete class assignments.


What if a parent needs to check out a student during Bronco Hour?

We recommend that parents not excuse their students to leave the building during this period. If it is necessary for a student to leave for a medical appointment, parents must call the front office to notify us and excuse the student to leave. We ask that parents provide a minimum of one hour notice whenever possible to check a student out. If the phone call occurs during Bronco Hour, we recommend that the parent also send a text message to the student to have him or her report to the office to receive the pass to leave the building.