Honors Algebra 2

Honors Algebra 2 is a brand new class to our curriculum and I am so excited for the upcoming year for its development.
During the first quarter, students will be learning about themselves and what they know about math content from previous classes.  They will learn how to discover and even TEACH material using textbook and other resources. This is the perfect way to start as it teaches students to use all the available resources to eventually learn the brand new content in the chapters beyond unit 1.

Chapter 6 - Radical Functions & Rational Exponents

  • Roots & Radical Expressions, Rational Exponents

  • Solving Square Root & Other Radical Equations

  • Function Operations,Inverse Relations, & Graphing


Chapter 7 - Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

  • Exponential & Logarithmic Functions & Equations

  • Properties of Logarithms & Natural Logarithms


Chapter 8 - Rational Functions

  • Inverse Variation, Reciprocal Functions, & Rational Functions and their graphs

  • Operations of Rational Expressions & Solving Rational Equations


Chapter 10 - Quadratic Relations & Conic Sections

  • Exploring Conic Sections & Their Properties: Parabolas, Circle, Ellipses, & Hyperbolas


Chapter 9 - Sequences & Series

  • Arithmetic Sequences & Series

  • Geometric Sequences & Series


Chapter 11 - Probability & Statistics

  • Probability, Permutations & Combinations


Students should be prepared to complete Concepts Quizzes every 2-3 sections of material each unit.  At the end of each quarter a test will be administered that will cover 3-4 units. Students should keep their optional homework, notes, required bellwork and reviews to prepare for the quarter test in addition to the CQs which I will keep in the classroom.

Note to students and parents: The semester final will be worth 10% of the semester grade and students may only opt of with a 95% or better for the combined quarters.
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