Chemistry I

When I meet people and share with them that I teach high school science, specifically chemistry, I inevitably hear about the horrible experience they had in their own high school chemistry class.  It is my desire to provide students with a positive experience in Chemistry so they can appreciate and learn to love it as I do! Chemistry does not have to be as hard as everyone thinks. I have a passion for it and how it applies to our “real” world!  A good understanding of Chemistry will greatly increase your chances for success in a science-based field at the college level.

One of the highlights of Chemistry I occurs this fall.  On October 23rd we celebrate National Mole Day, a day to foster interest in Chemistry all across the nations’ high schools.  I perform some of my favorite demonstrations for the students and the students share their own creative ways of celebrating chemistry…anywhere from eating guacaMOLE, singing MOLE day raps, to playing “Who Wants to be a MOLEainaire?”  It is a great time!

As we begin the school year we will be investigating basic principles of Chemistry ranging from investigating different types of matter to converting measurements from one unit to another using dimensional analysis.  This quarter is an essential quarter for students because concepts in this quarter are foundational for success in the future quarters. I know they will do a great job!