SHHS Band Handbook
Welcome to the Spring Hill High School Band! We are looking very forward to building this program. This handbook is intended to prevent any surprises with our policies and procedures. Please read thoroughly and reply with the check off sheet at the end.

General Classroom Rules:

* Do not ever interrupt the director
* No gum, food, candy, or drinks are allowed in the band room. Water in a sealable container is acceptable. (Instant detention is the result of not following this rule)
* Treat property (personal and school) and each other with respect at ALL times.
* DNBL! (Do not be late). Come prepared with all equipment, pencil, reeds, sticks, etc, to EVERY rehearsal and performance. TBEITBOT

Number 1 Rule? Respect all things.

Classroom etiquette

* Always make sure upon departure that the room looks cleaner than when you arrived.
* You must be ready to begin 1 minute after the tardy bell.
* Always put stands/chairs away after use.
* Do not touch any equipment that you are not approved to use (especially percussion).

Instrument lockers

* Students may keep only instrument, music, pencils in lockers NO FOOD OF ANY KIND.
* Students use only the 2nd and 3rd bays of lockers.
* Students must use a combination locks, director must have locker number and combination.
* Instruments must be stored in cases at all times.
* If you need a lock, director can provide one. Yours may also be cut off if rules are broken.

Cell phones and MP3 players

* Cell phones will only be out with explicit permission of a director. Calendar reminders are encouraged. Sometimes you will be asked to text a parent for information. This policy can be revoked but has proven to assist students in adequate communication with parents. Never is it okay to use these devices without permission. Phones will be confiscated and returned to parents if seen being used outside of these parameters.

Lettering points

It takes 12 points to letter. Lettering in band will be an honor for those who go the extra mile. See the lettering board that will be posted in the room to know what it takes to letter.


We should not have to deal with discipline in a rehearsal.

* First offense=warning; written or verbal
* Second offense=detention
* Third offense=Removal from class

Parents will be contacted if the second offense is reached. Students have two days to make up detention of 30 minutes.

Grading System

There will be pencil checks worth 2 pts.
Sectionals are worth 3 pts
Playing tests can range from 3-5 pts.
Basketball Games are worth 5 pts.
Marching performances and concerts are worth 8 pts.
Test retakes can be re-attempted up to 3 days of original assignment. Take it until it’s perfect!
There may be worksheets and other activities that may have points assigned. The point ranges are low. Point values will be determined at time of assignment.

Football/basketball games
*Arrival times will be posted, DNBL
*During games, students are representing SHHS at all times. Behave as such
*3rd quarter is typically given off. Students must return BEFORE the end of 3rd quarter. If not, points will be deducted.

*Students will wear all black to every performance.
*Men will wear a tie of any color. Women can wear color in their hair accessories.
*Students will stay for entire concert, be respectful to other performers.


There are ways to regain lost points. Prior to attempting any of these, students need to contact Mr. Wooge personally to find out the value of activities.

* Attending extra band concerts
* Attending a fine arts concert (not a popular concert)
* Other school’s half-time performance
* Instrumental performance by student at church, special groups, etc
* Private lessons
* Private lesson with director
* Reports or projects
* If you have an idea, just ask.

Required items

1. Each student must have a black pair of marching shoes. Contact Mr. Wooge for purchase details. You must have a pair of long BLACK SOCKS for your uniform. You will also need the official “band t-shirt” (to be ordered). Wind players need a lyre and a flip folder. The school does not provide these.

2. Students must have all items associated with care and maintenance of instruments:
(not limited to)
-valve oil
-slide cream

Sectionals will be required for much of the marching season. Students need to be ready to play beginning at 7:15. Students ready at this time will receive 3 points. Students who are less than 10 minutes late will receive 2 points. More than 10 minutes will receive only one point. Students who do not show up will receive a “0” for no credit in the grade book. This is an important time to help students and take the required tests. Please make attendance and punctuality a priority. M-fl/cl, T-sax/horn, W-Tpt, R-LB, F-drumline

Concert etiquette

Students and parents should adhere to standard concert etiquette. This includes keeping mobile devices hidden away during performances in a darkened theater. There should be no talking during said performances. In between multi-movement pieces, there should be no clapping. Attendees should stay in their seats while music is being performed. The exception would be a restless or crying child.

Guidelines for Grades and Music Performances
Philosophy: Music courses, and the attendant quest for excellence are used to teach not only music, but also the responsibility, teamwork, dedication, commitment, and considerations for others. No music group can perform effectively with members missing. Every member of a performing group relies upon the other members to help achieve the level of performance for which we strive. When a student enrolls in a performance class, he or she takes on the responsibility for being present at all performances.

Performing classes are not all extra-curricular, nor are they co-curricular. They are curriculum-based classes whose curriculum extends outside of the school day to include public performances. Each performance is the culmination of a unit of study by the group, and each performance functions the same way an examination does in a non-performance class. A student who misses a test has put only himself in jeopardy, and can make that test up at a later time. Unfortunately, a missed performance cannot be made up, as all students were involved and affected by the absence; thus a student’s academic eligibility should not affect his presence at musical performances.

The Music Department has the responsibility to give the students information concerning all performances as early as possible, so that the students can plan ahead. This information is available on the district calendar, on the band room door, and on the website. The student takes on the responsibility for these performances when he or she enrolls in the elective class.

Performance absences: All absences will result in the loss of the points for the performance. These points will be made up. Performances are like tests, points must be made up.

  • An unexcused absence will be the loss of all the points for that performance, with no make-up possible.
  • An unexcused with prior notification or an excused absence will result in the loss of the points for the performance, but can be made up with items from the “extra credit” section of this handbook. Students should see director to find ways that suit the student.

Please cut, sign and return this form by Tuesday, August 25st. This is your first grade in this class.

I (print student name) ____________________________ have read and understand the Band Handbook and all of its guidelines. I also understand that there are no permission slips for band/jazz activities. By signing this paper, you acknowledge that your son/daughter is authorized to attend all school sponsored activities as provided on the official band office door calendar.

(Student sign) ______________________ (date)_____________

(Parent sign)_______________________ (date)_____________