Welcome to the Spring Hill High School Orchestra Page!


The Spring Hill School District offers a string orchestra program. The program begins in 6th grade and continues through high school. All classes meet every day and are all school year long. I am constantly impressed with the dedication and talent of my students!

The combined SHHS Orchestra is very busy! With four traditional concerts (Spooktacular, Winter, Masterworks and Pops), the orchestra also performs at the Spring Hill Community Veteran’s Day Celebration, KMEA’s Honors Orchestra, Worlds of Fun Festival Of Music, as well as competing at regional and state Solo and Ensemble Contest and Large Group State Contest. Our students undergo a challenging program from studying music history, to learning how instruments are made and produce sound and finally my personal favorite, performing music.

Extra Credit

Students may always have a need for some extra credit work to keep up their grades. Therefore they are always encouraged to do extra credit in order to recover lost points. The top priority is to recover all in-class points (tests, worksheets, etc) first. Then students can attend music performances (must pertain to their band instrument) and write a one page (typed, 12 pt. font, 1" margins in essay format). The basis for the paper will be a review of what they heard. Turn this into Mr. Ozakinci. Please have performances approved in advance by Mr. Ozakinci.

Students may also write reviews of YOUTUBE videos. The same format as performance reviews, but make sure to include the URL of the video in your report.

FALL FUNDRAISER: Booster club is working really hard on scheduling more fun events and fundraising opportunities.

Taygun Ozakinci (please visit my website)


Director of Orchestras

Spring Hill Middle/High School

19701 S. Ridgeview Road, Spring Hill, KS 66083
(913) 592-7425


DATES for 2021-2022 (Dates are subject to change)

EC District Dinner Tuesday, September 7th In-person
Halloween "Spooktacular" Wednesday, October 20th
HS District Auditions Saturday, November 6th Gardner-Edgerton HS
EC District Honors Orchestra Saturday, December 4th Olathe West
HS Holiday Orchestra Concert Monday, December 6th
HS KMEA Live auditions Saturday, January 8th
KC Ballet Field Trip ??? ???
HS Winter/Spring Concert Wednesday, March 2nd
KMEA State convention February 25th-27th
HS Solo Recital Saturday, April 2nd @ the Bean???
HS Regional solo/small contest Saturday, April 9th @ Mill Valley HS
HS State Large Group Wednesday, April 13th @ JC Harmon HS
Recruitment Tour w/Band Thursday, April 16th Chamber only
HS State solo/small contest Saturday, April 30th @ Andover HS
HS Spring Pops Concert Monday, May 2nd SHHS
HS WoF Field Trip/Contest ??? ???
HS Graduation Saturday, May 21st SHHS

*This year, our annual KC Ballet trip is most likely to happen in the Spring--we will be heading to the premiere of Swan Lake--students are allowed to bring friends and family. (HS Students Only)
*This year we will be attending the Music Festival at Worlds of Fun.  This trip is yet to be scheduled.