Welcome to the Spring Hill High School Theatre Department! Thank you for your interest in our department.

Along with exciting stage productions and events within our department, we offer a full range of class offerings to help you explore and develop your interest in all of the aspects of Theatre and performance. Theatre is an entry-level, overview class. Acting is for students wanting to further develop their Acting skills. Repertory Theatre is a class for students who want to continue to improve their skills through genuine performance opportunities. The Technical Theatre class provides students with a working knowledge and skill applications in the craft of producing theatre. Public Speaking allows students the opportunity to improve their information planning and presentation skills.

We are an all-inclusive, vibrant department that continues to grow each year. We hope you will consider being a part of our department in some way. Students, consider our class offerings, main-stage productions, or other events we offer. Parents and community members, your help and support is always appreciated to help us achieve our goals.

To keep up on all of the exciting happenings in our department, click on the "Events" page here, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and become a member of our Facebook Group (SHHS Theatre).

Sarah Bezek - [email protected]

Within the theatre classes, the students will be working through units of acting, directing, technical elements, make-up, costumes, stage design, set building, painting and various other areas of the art. The overall goal of this department is to fully involve each student so that they may experience positive growth in the areas of: self-confidence; ability to work with others to achieve goals; practical skill sets; responsibility and self-sufficiency.