1:1 Technology

The recent Spring Hill Board of Education approval of the 1:1 technology initiative allows Spring Hill High School to embrace the concepts of 21st Century Learning by removing the barriers of isolation and immobility.

- Information: Spring Hill High School students will be able to leverage the immediacy of information while evaluating, analyzing and creating solutions to authentic issues. They can do so from anywhere; their learning doesn’t stop as they leave the school parking lot.

- Collaboration: Spring Hill High School can now enter into the global learning environment by allowing students to collaborate through appropriate social media sites as they share ideas and concepts without limiting themselves to space or time. In so doing, students are preparing themselves for the transition into post-secondary or career fields where such collaboration is a necessity in today’s global economy.

- Differentiation: Students now have the ability to access ‘E’ information – reading and writing using material that we no longer have to store in a library. Teachers can tailor specific work to individual student needs and establish ‘digital differentiation’ using sites such as Google Classroom for sharing. Individual devices can now be structured for use to mitigate learning disabilities for sight and sound.

- Instruction: Teachers will no longer be inhibited by PC availability to perform instruction. Teachers have the ability to create virtual worlds with podcasts and creative presentations with embedded video and sound that enable students to learn from their homes, to make up work if necessary, to share with other classrooms around the globe.