Reporting Procedures for Bullying & Harassment

The administration and counseling staff will take every reasonable measure to investigate bullying incidents of our students. The school will enforce its handbook provisions if the bullying occurs on campus or negatively impacts the school learning environment through substantial disruption of instruction. For instances of off campus bullying or cyber bullying we recommend contacting the appropriate law enforcement agency servicing your residence. Any harassment or bullying incidents on or off campus may be referred to the School Resource Officer for possible law enforcement intervention as appropriate.

 If you think your child is being bullied please take the following steps:

- Instruct your student to immediately contact an administrator or teacher if they feel they have been harassed or bullied.

- Speak to your child about the specifics of the incident so that they may relay that information to the school administration. If possible, please note the alleged bully and any associates, any participants and/or witnesses to the incident, time and location of the incident(s), and the nature of the bullying itself (physical/non-physical, verbal/non-verbal, cyber bullying, etc). School administrators will use this information in an attempt to verify the incident and take appropriate action.

- If possible, please provide copies or screen images of any alleged cyber bullying for use by the administration during their investigation. If it’s a case of verbal abuse, please have the voice mail or message available for administrative review.

- Do not hesitate to notify school administrators or counselors of suspected harassment or bullying. Dealing with the incidents as soon as possible enables the administration/counseling staff to prevent potential incidents with other students.

- Be prepared to speak to our School Resource Officer for possible law enforcement intervention.

School Hotline: 913-592-7199