Kelsea Stueve - Spanish

Hola, me llamo...

Sra. Stueve

Mrs. Stueve

I grew up in Maryville, Missouri and I went to the University of Missouri - Columbia, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.  Then, I decided to put my Spanish to good use and lived in Spain for a semester where I worked as a nanny for a family with 4 kids and taught them English.  When I returned home, I started teaching at Trinity Catholic High School and worked towards my Master's Degree in Curriculum Instruction at Wichita State.  Four years later, I started teaching at Buhler High School.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my career thus far and I cannot wait to see what Spring Hill has in store for my future as an educator.

I am married to a wonderful man named Robert, and together we have a beautiful little boy named Jameson who is 4 years old.  My husband works for the United States Government in  the Army National Guard.  His specialty is Field Artillery.  He also works in Marketing for the KC Standard.