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Alix Kunkle


Hello! My name is Alix Kunkle, and I am one of the Freshman English teachers at Spring Hill High School. I am also the Forensics and Debate instructor and coach for the high school as well. 

This is my third year of teaching at any level; I also have experience teaching middle school Language Arts. My goal as an educator is to help students succeed as writers, readers, speakers and individuals. We will be analyzing different literary devices, developing our writing conventions, and practicing our communication skills with other students. 


With our writing, students will write one formal essay each quarter. These will include conducting research, literary analysis, and persuasive techniques. We will be learning how to outline and structure an essay, revise student’s work, and use appropriate grammar and language for the audience to which they are writing. Students will also be assessed through tests, speeches, group projects and presentation. 


Please use Skyward to check grades and view upcoming assignments and notes! Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to working with each one of you throughout the year! 

Alix Kunkle
(913) 592-7299 x7350

Semester 1 schedule: 
• Grammar unit (3-4 weeks)
• Short story unit
• Research unit

Semester 2 schedule
• Romeo & Juliet
• King Arthur
• The Odyssey