Anna Stevenson - Math

Hello My Name Is...
Mrs. Stevenson

Welcome! I am very eager to meet all of you, students and parents/guardians alike, whatever that may look like!

In both Algebra 1 and Geometry this year at SHHS we have a new curriculum this year. We are very excited about all the online capabilities that this curriculum provides!


Welcome to Algebra 1! Algebra 1 is the basis of all the mathematics you will encounter for your high school career, so I am so excited to get to lead you on our journey of exploring it! Over the course of the year we will learn about how we can analyze real life scenarios using models and coordinate planes, beginning with introductions to solving and graphing one-variable equations and inequalities and then moving to two-variable equations.

Module 1: Requisite Skills

Module 2: Linear Equations & Inequalities in One Variable

Module 3: Linear Equations in Two Variables


I am excited to get to lead you in exploring this area of mathematics! Geometry is a very visual and intuitive subject, which makes it unique amidst the many math courses. In Geometry this year we will start the year by diving into the essential elements of Euclidean geometry including points, lines, rays, angles, and planes, oh my!We will then move into the reasoning and proof that supports the theorems and postulates upon which the study of geometry is built. Then we get to have fun figuring out how it all works together in harmony. 

Module 1: Geometry in the Plane

Module 2: Tools for Reasoning and Proof

Module 3: Lines and Transversals


The best way to reach me is via email at