2022/2023 Auditions

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Audition FAQs

What do I need to do before auditions to be ready?

Prior to the audition clinics, you need to have your application filled out as well as attend the pre-audition meeting with your parent or guardian. You will also need all 6 teacher recommendations turned in and your team member commitment contract signed before the audition date (April 14th).

What do auditions look like?

On the first two days of audition clinics, you will stretch, work on dance technique, and learn 2 routines. On the third day of audition clinics, you will review the routines for auditions and go through a practice audition. On the day of auditions, you will perform your routines and technique combinations for the judges and are free to go once you’ve performed. The team roster will be posted on the SHHS Dance Team website and social media later that same evening.

What skills will I be required to show?

The audition routines and technique combinations will have the following skills…

  • Leaps & jumps: grande jete, center leap, calypso, tilt leap, toe touch, firebird

  • Kicks: battement, tilt, arabesque, leg hold, fan, allusion

  • Turns: posse turn (at least a double), an 8 count of turns in second

  • Optional skills: side aerial, headspring, handspring, turning disc, kip up, advanced turns in second combination

What should I wear to auditions?

Wear exercise clothes and shoes you are comfortable in! Tennis shoes or dance shoes are acceptable. On the day of the audition, you will be asked to wear all black form fitted clothing.

How will I be scored?

You will be given a score out of 300 points from each judge for showmanship, technique, precision, and memory. The judges will look for execution of the dance technique elements listed above. Also included in your score are 6 teacher recommendations which account for 15% of the overall score.

What does the schedule look like if I make the team?

We practice 1-2 mornings a week during the summer and attend an overnight camp which will be July 14-17 at KU. We practice 3 times a week during the school year (2 after school and 1 before school). We perform at 12-18 sporting events, 3 competitions, assemblies, and multiple community events throughout the year. Our season ends with our annual Spring Show. 

Helpful links for auditions:
Audition Application

BAND Group for Auditions
Teacher Recommendation Survey

Please email coach Bridget with any additional questions you may have!

Head Coach Bridget McBratney

Assistant Coach Kelsea Stueve