Method Test Prep


Method Test Prep is an interactive, web-based program of instruction that allows students to practice and prepare for the ACT exam. The site is available to all SHHS students at no cost. Students can access the site at any time and from any location that has internet connectivity. Modules are designed in 15 minute daily lessons that cover all content areas and provide immediate feedback for student understanding through audio, video or printed reviews. Students not only learn specific content for the ACT but, just as importantly, also learn how to take timed portions of the test, how to prepare for specific reading requirements and vocabulary. Students can track their progress through easy pull down menus that show their completed coursework and plan further coursework with up to 20 hours of instruction. Students can even create flashcards for use or download content specific study packets for review. 

To access Method Test Prep students must log into the Xello site. They should select Method Test Prep on the lower right hand of the screen. Students may check with their counselors for their appropriate log in information.