The safety and security of Spring Hill High School students and staff is of utmost importance. Spring Hill High School has developed crisis management plans and procedures to maintain our safety and security. Staff members have an understanding of these plans, and are fully able to implement them as needed.

In addition, Spring Hill High School has well-established security measures to help ensure the well being of students and staff. These include: visitor check-in procedures; designated safe areas in each building; surveillance cameras; and school resource officer support. We also conduct drills periodically to provide students with opportunities to practice lockdown and evacuation procedures.

If an emergency occurs, school staff will attempt to notify parents by email via the Skyward message system, announcements posted on the web site and the School Notification System. It is very important that parents and guardians maintain updated emergency contact information at your child’s school, including phone and email contact details.

As a community, it is everyone’s responsibility to assist with school safety. Please consider the following:

  1. Be informed of and follow all high school rules, procedures and regulations. Review student handbooks, and stay informed through the school's web site and school newsletter.
  2. Immediately report any behavior or threats that can be considered suspect to a building principal or administrator. All threats are taken seriously.
  3. Identify exits and know what to do in case of an emergency.
  4. Be aware of drastic changes in your student’s behavior, a large drop in grades, and increased disassociation from the world. Contact a school counselor if you have questions.

Kansas School Safety Hotline: 1-877-626-8203
Graphic with school safety hotline